WEDNESDAY: 'Non-Swear Word' Swear Words


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More And More Australians Are Getting Their Wisdom Teeth Removed, Samuel L. Jackson Shows Kids How To 'Not Swear' For New Movie, 13 10 60 Swear On The Radio: What's Your 'Non-Swear Word' Swear Word? Gossip Guys: With Producer Eggs Benny, Meg's Parents Don't Know What They Want To Be Called As Grandparents... 13 10 60: What Do You/Did You Call Your Grandparents? We've Been Using Our Washing Machines The Wrong Way All This Time! 13 10 60: Top Loader Or Front Loader? Maccas Says Neigh To Horse-And-Cart, Secret Aussie Dating Show Almost Shutdown, 13 10 60: What ‘Got The’ Workplace? Ask J&N Anything [Anonymously] + The Show Rating

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