299 Kaitlin Mogentale: Founder & CEO of Pulp Pantry


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Pulp Pantry Founder & CEO Kaitlin Mogentale knew she wanted to make a difference when she learned that over 40% of food goes to waste in the U.S. especially the waste or “left over” from fruits and veggies used in creating juices. So, she created Pulp Pantry snacks made from overlooked fruit and veggie byproducts like organic juice pulp. Kaitlin shares how she has turned her curiosity and desire to create change into a product and company. Her journey in creating Pulp Pantry hasn’t all been smooth sailing as she tackles the challenge of creating a new category in the snack industry. But this determined, mission-driven, entrepreneur has been relentless at creating real meaningful change towards a more sustainable and healthy future for all to enjoy. Hear so much more on this episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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To learn more about Pulp Pantry and to purchase: https://www.pulppantry.com/

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