LW 52.1: Lyn Jones - The London Welsh years


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In this episode, Lyn Jones takes us through his decision to come to London Welsh and those magical two seasons' the club had winning the Championship in 2012 and playing in the Premiership the following season. We get to understand what was required to be successful in the Championship and the key matches in his first season in charge. The success in the play offs and then the tactics at Bedford in the Semi Final; which meant we had a shot at glory in the final vs Cornish Pirates; with Lyn putting some calls back to ODP to ensure it was still open when the bus got back. We hear from Lyn about all the challenges of getting ready to play Premiership rugby and all the drama that surrounded the club that season. Lyn was nominated Premiership Coach of the year, even though London Welsh were relegated. Lyn chats about the Rugby World Cup experience with Russia and how much he is enjoying his time in the wonderful country. This podcast series is sponsored by London Welsh Developments LTD. Contact details: 0208 3359123 email - info@lwdltd.co.uk

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