EP. 74 Perfect Is Boring with Jessica Eddy-Storey


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Imagine being crystal clear about your calling to help others live the best lives they can and then being compelled to start an MFR business but then feeling crippled by fear and just spinning in a place of fear and doubt and not knowing how to start a business. Would you push through to follow your dream, passion, and purpose to be an MFR Therapist or give up?

This is the scenario that our guest today, Jessica Eddy-Storey, was faced with, and although she was overwhelmed she made one easy decision to get help with making her dream not just a reality but a success.

Listen in to learn how her decision to join the group coaching program has helped her transform her dream into a thriving business as an MFR Therapist.


Jessica Eddy-Storey, OT, LMT, Yoga Instructor, and owner of Transform Myofascial Release located in Beverly, Massachusetts

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Website - https://www.transformmfr.com/


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