2020 Recap with Rich Eisen


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Michael Irvin chats with friend & NFL Network co-host Rich Eisen about the wild 2020 NFL Season we experienced. From how it started, to how it ended; Michael & Rich relive great moments on NFL GameDay, their experience at Super Bowl LV, the social injustice movement & personal experiences, the heavy offseason QB movement, "Tom Brady effect" and ramifications, the Rams/Lions trade, Carson Wentz to the Colts, and Patrick Mahomes vs. the new threshold of greatness. Hear Rich's thoughts on the Stafford/Goff trade & why he likes the move for both teams, Michael Pittman not giving up his number for Carson Wentz, the kid at Cam Newton's camp, his stand-up comedy days, and more! Rich tells us about his first ever Super Bowl experience, how this Super Bowl compares to others, his journey into broadcasting and memories of working alongside the late-great Stuart Scott! PLUS, the Dez catch, the tuck rule, the end zone rule, Friends, Seinfeld, and more from the master of articulating of the human journey.

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