NBA Playoffs with Mitch Richmond


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BONUS EPISODE! NBA playoffs are HOT! So Michael invites NBA Hall Of Famer & his lifelong best friend Mitch Richmond to break down all the action! Michael opens the show with his reaction to yesterday’s MIP SPECIAL with Greg Jennings, and gives his thoughts on the recent fan incidents with Russell Westbrook & Trae Young, Kyrie Irving’s comments ahead of his return to Boston, & whether the Kawhi project in Los Angeles is over if they don’t make the finals in today’s “MIP Report”. Next, Mike & Mitch (37:00)go down memory lane discussing their teenage years on the neighborhood basketball courts, and the guys break down every playoff series! Mitch also gives his thoughts on the young talent around the league, the recent fan incidents, the toughest city to play in, playing with Kobe Bryant his final year in the league, his MVP pick, the key to each series, and says New York basketball is BACK!

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