Super Bowl LV Champ Bruce Arians


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The Super Bowl LV parade continues on the MIP with Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians! FIRST, Mike talks about JJ Watt's release from the Texans, Russell Wilson's camp upset in Seattle, and the looming Dak Prescott situation in Dallas. NEXT, Playmaker chats with Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians(22:30) about the victory, the boat parade, his aspirations to keep the team together, Tom's pre-game speech(29:30), his diverse coaching staff, the team's social injustice initiative, his journey with great QBs, the "No Risk It, No Biscuit Offense", the moment he knew the Bucs would land Tom Brady(43:00), Antonio Brown's path to signing with the team(45:00), Mike Evans' record year(48:45), the "Goin for Two" slogan, and his long journey of coaching. Hear coach describe the process of recruiting Tom Brady, helping Mike Evans reach his record 7th 1,000 yard season, and more!

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