Greg Anthony calls Giannis "the Modern Day Shaq", talks Bucks repeat chances, says the Sixers failed Ben Simmons, & comments on future for CP3 & Dame


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Michael opens the shows addressing his comments about players getting vaccinated that went viral this week, plus Saints' WR Michael Thomas OUT for most of the '21 season(22:00), & Ian Rapoport's story that Davante Adams & the Packers (25:15) are in a "bad place" with contract extension talks in this week's "MIP Report". Michael chats NBA Finals with former NBA'er & current NBATV & Turner Sports analyst - Greg Anthony! (30:15) Greg calls Giannis "the modern day Shaq", says his 50pt performance is "one of the greatest clinching performances of all time", says he absolutely believes the Bucks will repeat, and says "The Block" by Giannis may be the greatest defensive play in Finals history. Greg also says Chris Paul losing was a "disappointment, not a failure", he likens Damian Lillard's situation in Portland to Kevin Garnett leaving Minnesota, says the Sixers failed Ben Simmons, and speculates on off-seasons for the Lakers, Dame, CP3, & Russell Westbrook.

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