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Michael Irvin chats with the Original Insider & FOX host Jay Glazer about his work in the mental health space, Drew Brees retirement, and more! FIRST, Mike's talking the scariest move he's seen so far in Free Agency, bids farewell to Andy Dalton(5:18), the Deshaun Watson allegations, Texans signing QB Tyrod Taylor(8:12), and Belichick's master plan in New England(10:00). Next, Michael chats with Jay Glazer(13:55) about his lifelong friendship with Michael Strahan, his own mental health journey, the genesis of his MVP group (Merging Vets & Players), issues players & veterans face after playing/service, Chuck Lidell & Randy Couture tales, conversations with Drew Brees (41:20) around his retirement, the evolution of the sports reporting business, and much more! PLUS, Playmaker gives a proper sendoff to the future Hall of Famer - Drew Brees. (57:35)

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