Ep 3 - Jingle Bells!


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This week the boys talk about all the latest from Football, Pro Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA including:

  • Our excitement over the official launch of the podcast and feedback from the first two episodes.
  • Mick breaks down upcoming fights including -
    • UFC Fight Night 189
    • talks McGregor vs Poirier 3
    • the latest celebrity boxing including, Mayweather vs Logan Paul, Jake Paul vs Tyrone Woodley and Eddie Hall vs Thor (The Heaviest Fight of All Time)
  • Harvey tries to get us cancelled -
    • Then breaks down the latest with the football transfers and Managers playing musical chairs.
    • He then talks us through the latest rumours and team announcements on the lead up to the Euro 2020 tournament.
  • Paul breaks down the latest from pro wrestling -
    • Talks about his impromtu AEW Double or nothing watch along with Mick.
    • He then looks at the news that more wrestlers and personnel have been released from the WWE.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new Jingles if you have any.
Shout out to Big Papa Jamie for recording the Jingles for us.
Feel free to join in with the conversation and message us on our socials if you have any feedback, questions or talking point suggestions.
If you enjoy the show then please tell your friends and help us grow.

Now sit back, relax and prepare to have your Tattie Mashed!
(Jingles written and performed by Big Papa Jamie Watson)
(audio samples provided by bensound.com)

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