Ben and the Steelers' Short-Term Future, Chicago's QB Quandary, Top 200 Free Agents Preview | NFL Deep Dive


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Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers figured out a way to make it work financially, but can they make it work on the field? Conor and Gary take a look at how the Steelers got to this point, and the reasons to be optimistic—or pessimistic—as to whether it can work out for Pittsburgh in 2021, as they try to squeeze out another season of Super Bowl contention with an elite defense.

We also take a look at the sad QB situation in Chicago, where the Bears don't have the ammo to do much of anything in the trade market. With Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy entering a must-win season, what's the solution going to be?

Plus, the shrinking middle class in the NFL, the addition of J.J. Watt in Arizona, Conor absolutely berates Gary regarding Sports Illustrated’s upcoming Top-200 Free Agents list, and all the Baltimore Orioles talk you could possibly want from your favorite NFL podcast.

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