The Bowles Plan for Mahomes, Stafford to the Rams, Watson's Market | NFL Deep Dive


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Patrick Mahomes has an air of near invincibility, but will have two backup tackles in front of him on Sunday. Conor and Gary go over the ways Tampa can scheme things up to contain him in Super Bowl LV, and thereby give their offense a chance to hang around and pull off the upset.

Plus, lots on the blockbuster trade that sent Matthew Stafford to the Rams, and the pressure ratcheting up on: Sean McVay, who has his franchise QB; Stafford, who has his elite coach; and GM Les Snead, whose team has to win a lot of games now that he's traded two more future first-rounders.

Also, a quick look at Houston, how they'll handle the Deshaun Watson trade demands, David Culley's arrival and the prospect of the new head coach answering questions about Watson non-stop for the next six months.

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