The Free Agency Moves We Loved a Lot, the Free Agency Moves We Loved Less | NFL Deep Dive


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The first week of free agency is in the books, and Conor and Gary are ready to overreact to all of it:

*A look at the quarterback signings: why Bears fans are rightfully bummed about Andy Dalton, why Washington is doing just fine with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Dolphins get a steal in Jacoby Brissett, and Mitchell Trubisky finds a good home in Buffalo.

*As Gary has been saying since the beginning of time, free agency was a bummer for many good young receivers this offseason. But Kenny Golladay gives the Giants exactly what they need for Daniel Jones as their QB enters Year 3.

*Plus, the Jon Gruden era for the Raiders takes another strange turn, the Titans remake their defense, the Chiefs find reinforcements for the offensive line, the Patriots spend big on some nice fits, and the Jets are the undisputed champions of free agency.

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