Wild-Card Weekend Recap: Browns and Bills Break Curses, Lamar Takes the Narrative Head-On, Vrabel and Tomlin Go Safe | NFL Deep Dive


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A weekend in which the Browns and Bills won postseason games but the apocalypse did not arrive is a pretty good weekend. On the Monday Morning NFL Podcast, Jenny Vrentas and Gary Gramling discussed...

*The stunning start for the Browns in Pittsburgh, and also how Cleveland stayed the aggressor when Mike Tomlin decided to play it safe in the middle of the Steelers' comeback attempt.

*The Saints cruised past Chicago, but what to make of the Bears-Trubisky marriage after the offense was scaled back for the past two games? (And what to make of the Nickelodeon broadcast?)

*More than a few unfair Lamar Jackson narratives died on Sunday, as he finally won a playoff game... three days after his 24th birthday. And Mike Vrabel makes a bad decision to punt an opportunity away, and another bad decision in criticizing the officials afterward.

*The Bucs O-line more than held up in Washington, allowing Tom Brady to put up another big game. Though Taylor Heinicke, in a losing effort, stole the show in the Football Team's loss.

*Brandon Staley showed why he's considered one of football's most promising young coaches, as his Rams defense dominated in Seattle, even after losing Aaron Donald late in the third quarter. What it means to teach the game so well, what's left of the banged-up Rams as they get ready to go to Green Bay, and what's ahead for a Seahawks offense still searching for an identity.

*Frank Reich and the Colts had the perfect approach to beating the Bills, but ultimately they couldn't overcome Josh Allen and a series of bad breaks for Indy. In defense of Reich, who delivered one of the weekend's best coaching performances, and the excitement over the coming Josh Allen-Lamar Jackson matchup.

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