EP# 18 ‘Human Nature‘ with Professor Jeff Cates, M.A.


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In the final episode of the first season of Moneyless Society, we dig into the portentous subject of human nature. So often is this term used to justify the worst human behaviors and to dissuade any advancement toward a society that provides for all, as if it's in our nature to hoard resources, compete each other out of existence and destroy our own habitat for a made up social construct like money. Tune in for an expansive in-depth conversation with professor of sociology Jeff Cates M.A, as we discuss these strange beings we call humans, the history of money, the effects of mass media, and his personal journey from a single father working construction to meeting Jacques Fresco and changing his life forever when he encountered the possibilities of a resource based economy to transform our environment and rehabilitate our debased human nature.

This will be our last episode...wink wink...for our first season. Thank you so much to our listeners, fans, and Partreon subscribers. We're just getting started.

Music – Vangelis and Loner

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