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Welcome to The Monique Guild Method. Where Business + Science + Intuition = Future Timelines now.Monique Guild featured on NBC News, ABC News, The Los Angeles Times (featured article on the cover of the METRO section), Wall Street Journal DN, Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian for “Today’s Business”), along with numerous radio and television appearances.For over two decades, CEOs, family businesses in transition, diplomats, foreign leaders, scientists, inventors, investment bankers, venture capitalists, 4th generation coffee growers, celebrities, politicians, and global sustainable commercial builders, artists, and athletes sought Monique’s counsel.Guild’s expertise and precise insights can help turnaround, invent, and develop new platforms, no matter how extreme the situation may initially appear.Monique Guild’s Unique Technique leverages her cutting-edge and no-nonsense style to: · evaluates you/your business/project.· sees and pinpoint blocks.· as a Futurist, she has the know-how to catapult your business to the next levelMonique’s no-nonsense style evaluates CEOs, CFO’s, CMO’s and partners with swift, uncharacteristic precision and uncanny insight; she uses her laser-sharp abilities to intuitively identify barriers to success delivering spot-on diagnoses, which result in optimum solutions and measurable financial results.Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy, saving the company time and 100,000’s of thousands of dollars if not millions. She develops new platforms that cause a paradigm shift in the business resulting in an outstanding global impact. Monique Guild hosts The Monique Guild Method, which airs every Wednesday and Friday at Noon on WGSO 990 AM and on the Internet at

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