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Episode 4 is the finale of the Radical!: Women and the Irish Revolution series. In this last episode I reflect on my work as Poet-in-Residence and read from source materials from the archives at the National Library of Ireland. The episode includes excerpts from Dorothy Macardle’s account of Easter Week, published in the Irish Press in 1933, two newspaper articles by Lily O’Brennan on the surrenders, and a short excerpt from Elizabeth O’Farrell’s account of the surrenders. I also share from my forthcoming pamphlet Radical!: Women and the Irish Revolution, which are based on these archival materials. The music for the Radical!: Women and the Irish Revolution is “Saharakungoh” by Fehdah. Radical!: Women and the Irish Revolution is created by Dr Julie Morrissy as part of the Poet-in-Residence programme at the National Library of Ireland, supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2012-2023. Sound and production are by the Museum of Literature Ireland. NLI Sources: MS 31,468. Newspaper cuttings from 'The Irish Press' of 'The great story of the Rising: Easter Week day by day' by Dorothy Macardle, 1933 Apr. 17-22 MS 50246/5/1: Copy of account of the Easter Rising by Elizabeth O'Farrell [MS 50,246/5/1], [undated] NPA POLF234: Pearse's Surrender [graphic], 1916 April 29. References: O’Brennan, Lily. “1916: The Surrender”. Evening Herald, 15 Apr. 2006. ---. “Easter Week Experiences”. Irish Press, 13 Apr. 1939.

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