Respawn Is Developing 3 New Star Wars Games - The Nerd Stash Show #91


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We at The Nerd Stash Show are back to talk about some of the most notable gaming news over the past week.

In this week’s episode, we followed up on the Activision Blizzard/Xbox deal by talking about a potential revival of several old Activision franchises and speculating on Call of Duty’s future going forward.

Also on the show, we share our thoughts on Respawn Entertainment making 3 new Star Wars games (including a new installment in the Jedi: Fallen Order franchise).

(This was recorded before Sony announced the acquisition of Bungie. We will definitely be talking about that next week though.)


Phil Spencer Wants To Revive Old Activision Franchises - 2:50

The Future Of CoD Is Confusing - 11:00

Could We Ever See Another Uncharted Game? (Also, Some Uncharted Movie Talk) - 22:58

Crysis 4 Announced - 33:10

Respawn Entertainment Is Developing 3 New Star Wars Games - 38:22

What Are We Playing This Week? - 47:10

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We’ll be back next week to talk about some of the most notable stories around the gaming industry!

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