What’s Going On With Silent Hill? - Power Up And Game #10


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Join Power Up And Game this week as our crew talks about some Warzone 2 reports, Techland's next big project, Fall Guys going free-to-play, and more.

In our main topic, we'll go over some Silent Hill rumors and what we would like to see from the franchise.


A Warzone 2 Leak Claims The Upcoming Game Will Receive A New Loadout System

Techland Is Making An Open-World Fantasy Action RPG

Fall Guys Is Going Free-To-Play

Starfield And Redfall Have Been Delayed

What's Going On With Silent Hill?

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Are you excited to play Warzone 2? What would you like to see from the Silent Hill franchise? Join our Discord and let us know your thoughts!

Next week is Clash Week and as we've said several times before, there won't be a new episode of Power Up And Game during Clash Week.

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