2022 is here, Z9 New Firmware is OUT, Z9 January Shipments Confirmed, Real life tests of Z9 are published, Z9 cage & L Plates released - The Nikon Report #50


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Nikon Report #50

Z9 Deliveries:

Z9 being shipped worldwide. Check out the comments under our recent videos for a lot of people reporting that they already received their cameras. https://bit.ly/337U3v1

Nikon USA sent out emails today indicating that all NPS Z9 orders placed before December 19th will be fulfilled by mid-January. https://bit.ly/3HALGHq

Grays update. Talk about BLOG article: Z 9 – Ordering, Shipping & Delivery https://bit.ly/3eS4khx

According to discussion on DPReview forums B&H is also already shipping Nikon Z9 cameras to non-NPS members. https://bit.ly/3zHNcVH

The next shipment is rumoured to be scheduled for mid January. https://bit.ly/3zwdeLu

DEBUNK: Several stores in Japan such as Yodobashi Cameras and Bic Store listed the Nikon Z9 shipping time for new orders as October 2022 https://bit.ly/3tgzh7R

Z9 Manual & Reference guides are now available online. https://bit.ly/3n18tEn

Nikon released a Z9 firmware update version 1.10 https://bit.ly/3eZujUg

The Nikon Z 9 Firmware Update Wishlist by Brad Hill https://bit.ly/3qRaGDz

For those who are into unboxing videos head to Nikon Rumours in the link below. https://bit.ly/3EWOBZq

Nikon released updates to Camera Control Pro 2 and N-Log 3D LUT with support for the new Nikon Z9 camera:

Camera Control Pro 2 https://bit.ly/3n18F6z

N-Log 3D LUT https://bit.ly/3G1AXoW

Photons to Photons published a Photography Dynamic Range chart on their website. https://bit.ly/3q6tf7P

SmallRig has a cage available for Nikon Z9 https://bit.ly/3eWlBWU

ProMediaGear also released a new L-bracket for Nikon Z9 https://bit.ly/335QS74

PortaBrace Rain Slicker Waterproof Raincover for Nikon Z9 https://bhpho.to/31ssXyi

Profoto issued a press release which states that collaboration with Nikon resulted in compatibility with new Nikon Z 9 camera from day 1 . https://bit.ly/3eXeOMG

Z 9 #2 Using the Z 9: The Basics, Part 1 | Nikon Z Series | Digitutor https://bit.ly/3JHZWjv

Z 9 #3 Using the Z 9: The Basics, Part 2 | Nikon Z Series | Digitutor https://bit.ly/3EXUpSm

ZP Productions published a video testing the Z9 EVF Camera Latency vs Canon R3 and Sony A1https://bit.ly/3qOpm6x

Seth, Matt + Ricci Return Z9's In Hand | Last Vid Of The Year | Let's Talk Flagships https://bit.ly/3JKS4he

CineD YT channel specialising on video published a video called: Nikon Z 9 Review - Our Mirrorless Camera of the Year for Video 2021 https://bit.ly/3qQ0DhZ

Cined.com also published an article: Nikon Z 9 Lab Test – Rolling Shutter, Dynamic Range and Latitude Test https://bit.ly/3HyFZd0

The rest of the links are in out YouTube channel.

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