Pro's are finally getting their hands on Z9, Z 24-120 first look, Nikon Holiday Gift Guide, CIPA October Numbers, Why DX matters, New Capture One 22, New 3rd Party Lenses - The Nikon Report #47


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Konstantin & Becky bring to you the latest Nikon news and photography related announcements.

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Nikon Report #47

Nikon News

Z9 coverage: Pros are getting the cameras for extensive tests.

Thom Hogan announced that Nikon USA has provided him with a pre production model.

He has started a Z9 blog where he writes about his experiences with Z9.

Photographer Brad Hill who shoots Wildlife and Nature photography also has the camera in his hands and writes about it in his blog.

If you haven’t seen the 6 episode series on Z9 by Morten Hilmer in Svalbard we highly recommend you to do it ASAP.

Canon says it could take half a year for your EOS R3 order to ship

Ricci published the Nikon Z 24-120mm f4S First Look on his YT channel

Nikon introduces the AX R MP multiphoton confocal microscope

Nikon to Support “15th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)”

Best gifts for photographers in 2021 in general

The best gifts for film photographers in 2021

Other news

Cipa published October 2021 sales numbers

The new Capture One 22 will be launched on December 9

New Zhong Yi Optics announced Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm f/1.5 lens for Nikon Z-mount

The new Sirui 50mm T2.9 1.6x full-frame anamorphic lens for Nikon Z-mount is now available for pre-order.

New KAZA leather case is now available for Nikon Z 7II, Z6II, Z7, Z6, Z5 cameras.


Matt Irwin published a video called

BEFORE YOU BUY - Nikon Z 50mm 1.2 S vs 1.8 S vs Meike 1.2 - The Winner Is? | Real World

Weekend Read & Watch

The Best And Worst Photo/Video Gear Of 2021 by DPReview TV

One Month of SUN - Remastered | 4K by Seán Doran on YT

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