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Tune in to Episode 2 of Season 18 for disturbing dark tales!

“Short But Sweet” written by Jackie Wright (Story starts around 00:03:00)


Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Jessica McEvoy

“Jim’s Story” written by Boyd Mason (Story starts around 00:07:50)


Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Jim – David Cummings, Psychiatrist – Peter Lewis

“Contagion” written by Jessica Hill (Story starts around 00:16:10)


Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Dr. Peter Shaw – Mike DelGaudio, Maggie – Mary Murphy, Jane Doe – Erin Lillis, Little Girl – Danielle McRae, Detective Morgan – Matthew Bradford

“Divide the Moving Creature” written by P.D. Radcliffe (Story starts around 00:36:00)


Produced by: Jesse Cornett

Cast: Elroy – Atticus Jackson, Stephen – Jesse Cornett, Darrell – Graham Rowat, Pa – Mick Wingert, Guard – Matthew Bradford, Warden – Peter Lewis, Nurse – Kyle Akers

“The Ex-Widower” written by One Faraday and Ronin Ellis (Story starts around 01:32:00)


Produced by: Jeff Clement

Cast: Rich – Dan Zappulla, June – Nikolle Doolin, Chester – Mick Wingert, “John” – Nichole Goodnight

“Crown of Gore” written by Hatteras Mange (Story starts around 02:00:40)


Produced by: Phil Michalski

Cast: Narrator – Kristen DiMercurio, Carrie – Sarah Ruth Thomas, Doona – Erika Sanderson

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

“Contagion” illustration courtesy of Emily Cannon

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