35: The mercury’s rising for Hull City’s George Honeyman, and it’s Strictly Duff Dancing as Cheltenham Town also secure automatic promotion.


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Two men from two divisions with two very expressive forms of celebration. Hull City’s influential midfielder George Honeyman looked every inch the rockstar last weekend, as he celebrated his side’s promotion back to the Skybet Championship with a performance of ‘I Want To Break Free’ that even Freddie Mercury would’ve been proud of. Elsewhere Cheltenham Town boss Michael Duff, used the medium of dance to display his delight at his side’s automatic promotion to Skybet League One, and is already rumoured to be on the long list for this year’s Strictly. Mark Clemmit is also joined by the chair of ‘Kick It Out’ Sanjay Bhandari, to discuss this weekend’s mass boycott of social media, as the football world come together and stand united in the fight to tackle online racist abuse, and discrimination of all kind within the sport.

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