Part two of Young People and Fly Fishing, with Lukas Draugelis


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Anyone involved in the world of fly fishing knows that young people are getting involved at a rate greater than any time in its history. Why? What do they want out of fly fishing, why does it appeal to them, and what do they see as the future of fly fishing? This is Part two of a podcast series where I interview young people about these questions, and this week my guest is a college student, Lukas Draugelis [37:14], president of the University of Vermont Fly-fishing Club—a very vibrant organization.

In the Fly Box this week we some great questions, as well as a bit of humor, including:

I get my fly line, rod tip, net, and flies stuck in trees and bushes, sometimes at the same time. Does this happen to anyone else?

How do bursts of rain and muggy days affect fly fishing? How about barometric pressure?

I have never seen a good hatch on a river. What kinds of environmental cues trigger a hatch?

What grain weight should I put on a fiberglass rod that calls for a 5/6 line?

What does the term “boat rod” mean in fly fishing?

I fish a wild trout stream with numerous small fish with the biggest around 14 inches.

How many and what size can I safely harvest?

Any tips on how to make my first casts in a pool as good as the ones I may 15 minutes later when I am “warmed up”?

How can I avoid foul hooking fish, and am I killing fish that I foul hook?

What does a fish sound like when it is spooked?

If I came fly fishing with you on small streams, what rod, leader, and flies would you be using?

Is there a good way to make an adjustable dropper on a dry/dropper rig?

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