Euan Rellie - Path to “Fashion Banker” and Co-Founder & Managing Partner at BDA Partners


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Welcome to another episode of The Pathfinders with former NFL Player, Investor and Entrepreneur Dhani Jones. This week we’re joined by the “Fashion Banker” of New York, world traveler, Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director of BDA Partners, and all-around renaissance man, Euan Rellie. Euan has lived in Singapore, New York, and London as well as worked in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, and The Middle East. Today he has an extremely enlightening conversation with Dhani about how he got the nickname “Fashion Banker,” the importance of pursuing community and intellectual stimulation, how COVID affected his personal dealmaking style, the value of diversity, and the stories behind some of his biggest deals. Plus, hear his advice to young entrepreneurs, how he leaves a mark on people, and even “who” he’s wearing. This is the Pathfinders, a series dedicated to Dealmaker Trailblazers, brought to you by Ansarada.

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