Lo Toney – Path from Zynga Poker to Google Ventures and VC Founder


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Join former NFL Player, Investor and Entrepreneur Dhani Jones as he sits down to speak with the Founding Managing Partner at Plexo Capital, Lo Toney, on this episode of The Pathfinders, presented by Ansarada. This is a show about uncovering stories of modern dealmakers and empowering people to carve their own path forwards. Plexo Capital is an institutional investment firm Lo incubated and spun out of Google Ventures. They invest in emerging seed-stage VC’s led by diverse teams that invest directly into companies sourced from the portfolios of VC’s where Plexo Capital has an investment. Lo is here to tell us a little bit about his career, the challenges he’s had to overcome, and how he, as well as Plexo Capital, are trying to change the venture capital landscape. You’ll get to listen as they discuss his days at LearnStreet and the motivation behind wanting to help aspiring computer scientists learn how to code online. Hear about his time working at Zynga, what it was like being the GM of Zynga Poker and how under his leadership they were able to increase web bookings by 150%. Also, learn about what the original idea was that led to Plexo Capital being spun out of Google Ventures and understand some of the values that it was founded on. Get some first-hand insight into a few of Lo’s guiding philosophies for identifying exciting, new deals during their early stages, as well as how he is cultivating and encouraging diversity in the investment and venture capital landscape. Together, Dhani and Lo have a thoughtful discussion and touch on the importance of betting on yourself, being resilient and so much more. It’s about time to press that play button and get ready to enjoy another episode of The Pathfinders, brought to you by Ansarada!

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