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This is Gerald Eastwood and welcome to a special presentation on the Fall of Afghanistan. The real question should be, “Why were we there for 20 years? Why did we waste more than $1 trillion and several thousand American lives on a war the Pentagon knew was unwinnable?”

The next question to that should be, “Why are we still using British geopolitical strategies to conduct our foreign and military policies?

It is the object of my Amazon book Surviving the Deep State, under my Pen Name of Muir Taylor, to bring reality and understanding into this vast unknown area. Because of New World Order policies recommended by the deep state operatives who control Presidents, Afghanistan and its deadly consequences has occurred as a matter of course. The Middle East is destabilized. Russia, China and Iran now have a new ally. Afghanistan is the most significant defeat of the last century and proof of both my thesis and the theme of my book, which explains not only the past but takes us into the critical future months and years. It is a must-read survival guide for North Americans.


Biden, like his predecessor Obama, understands Pakistan is the major force behind the Taliban. Without Pakistan’s intelligence and military establishment’s unparalleled support for the Taliban, the group would be a footnote in history. The United States’ main intelligence failure has been its steadfast refusal to do the one thing it should have done a long, long time ago: target sanctions against those in Pakistan’s deep state who are the active sponsors for Islamist militants. Instead, the nation building route was taken, a suicide route but the one pushed by the ruling elite in both Britain and New York.

Because of the US’s lack of action, the Taliban has been allowed to develop multiple streams of income during this period. It has income from the opium fields, from mineral resources, from donations from the Gulf States. And it is one step closer to supremacy in Pakistan, which when fully accomplished will bring 30 to 40 nuclear weapons under its control.

Where was Osama bin Laden found hiding – was it not in Pakistan for well over a decade? Pakistan recruits, trains, and nurtures numerous other Islamist terrorist groups.

In 1974, then-Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto established a cell of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s formidable intelligence agency which rivals any other world alphabet agency. Let’s take a look at my book and discuss some of its themes.


A Secret Cabal operates openly but without approval of the President or the National Security Council. They operate without Congressional knowledge – in fact, if you invite them to speak before Congress, they might just say they’re too busy.

Allen Dulles was a master of deception. He was used to operating as a lawyer, and doing whatever his clients told him. He carried this mentality over to his government service. He was very guarded and circumspect, and yet would invite members of the press to his private dining room and share the secrets he wanted to. Secrecy was used to fit his purposes.

We live in a world where this cabal dominates in hidden government power structures. It is independent. It uses agencies such as the CIA for its covert agenda. What the CIA calls Peacetime Operations are covert activities. Controlling secret intelligence is the key. T

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