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By Gerald Eastwood, now available on Amazon

I am Gerald Eastwood and I would like to announce the publication and availability of my book, “Beyond the Pentagon UFO Report,” on Amazon as of this week, the week of July 5th.

This book will take you light years ahead of the other books on the market. We have to dig deeper – much, much deeper to find the truth behind this phenomena. Historically, reports of UFOs have been divided into three categories: close encounters of the first kind—the sighting of UFOs, close encounters of the second kind—physical evidence for the presence of UFOs, and close encounters of the third kind—sightings of UFO occupants. We also have to progress to cases called close encounters of the fourth kind – actual contacts and abductions – to find the root cause and real truth.

This book ties everything together in one Intelligence Briefing and Survival Manual to the UFO Phenomenon and all of its aspects. No other single book ties it all together, in my opinion. We have gone well beyond the Pentagon UFO Report and done a deep dive into the most important and critical issues facing mankind today. All in a style that analyzes the most difficult concepts in easy to understand format, and provides a series of grand conclusions to the matter.

Could this series of events we are about to delve into show a cover-up of the true story: that the entire UFO question, including abductions, alien/government cooperation, and all the rest, while apparently true, are ultimately a deception of some kind? Are these objects extraterrestrial, or are they some form of time travel? Could they be spiritual entities? Or are they extra dimensional objects from a fourth dimension? You make the decision. But they are real – and the government cannot explain them.

This book will cover a wide variety of topics. We’ll cover all of the dimensions of the UFO message. We will at the end discuss a Pentagon project called “The Killshot Scenario.” This will lead us into a study of space and time events that are almost upon us, and most importantly, how you can prepare yourself. There is no similar book on the market. Table of contents include:

§ Area 51

§ Close Encounters of the Third Kind

§ Strange Deaths and Cases

§ UFOs and Black Ops

§ What the Pentagon Report Really Says

§ Office of the Director of ONI Report and Pentagon UFO videos

§ Time Travel – The Rendlesham Forest Incident

§ The NSA – DIA Encounter

§ Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind – Abductions

And much, much more.

The report the Pentagon released, though very brief, touches down on the unexplainable. The final official UAP report states that 143 of the 144 incidents were not explainable. The substance of the actual report they produced for Congress, however, is lacking. The Report covers the tic-tac-shaped objects the Navy encountered in 2004, the strange cubes within spheres seen by Navy pilots in 2014, and the mysterious black triangles continually reported around the world. The report does not explain why these objects can fly at hypersonic speeds (in excess of Mach 5). The report is a condensed version of a larger classified report that was delivered to Congress. It is best described as a very light, thin document.

Let’s begin our journey and go well beyond the Pentagon UFO Report.

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