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This is Gerald Eastwood. I wrote books on Amazon under my Pen Name of Muir Taylor entitled: Surviving the Deep State and You Must Have Silver. Why, you ask? Because the Great Reset is coming. And these books prepare you. As well, my book “Beyond the Pentagon UFO Report” delves into information that takes you light years beyond any other books on the universe and time. This trio of books prepares you for everything to come - everything. The Great Reset has been engineered for decades by men in power in London, Europe and other money centers. It is finally upon us in 2022.

And unlike other authors, I don’t believe it will start with hyperinflation or a stock market or housing bubble collapse. I believe an international incident will occur which has been planned and carried out for at least 20 years. We’ll get into that later. But right now, let’s first talk about Yamantau Mountain in the USSR. This is the key to the cryptogram.

The information you are about to hear is virtually withheld from the mass media. They skirt around it, don’t mention it and probably don’t even want you to know about it. But here it is. First let’s go into a deep dive study about the massive structures Russia has hidden at Yamantau Mountain.

See the transcript or listen to the broadcast please for the bulk of this message. This is only a synopsis.

Economic crises are our main concern here in North America. The 1929 Great Depression bubble in the stock market and the 2008 real estate bubble collapse are but forerunners of what will happen in the capital markets due to events that are commencing in the Ukraine. Diversification is the key. As Warren Buffet says, you don’t need to understand 1,000 points. Just 7 or 8 key principles. Preparation time is still available for those who realize the consequences of the last decades of real history.

I watched Tucker Carlson on Fox the other night. He is sounding the exact same warning. He spoke of the “neo-cons in Washington.” He knows exactly what he is speaking of. He knows war is imminent. That’s the only major media outlet which is informing Americans of what is to transpire. The neo-conservatives are the element I’m referring to when I discuss the Deep State.

This is Gerald Eastwood. Good night and Godspeed. As the SEALS say, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

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