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This is Gerald Eastwood, bringing you a special episode which is the highest-level overview you will ever hear on the truth behind the JFK Assassination. Remember, my books on Amazon take you behind the curtain. Beyond the Pentagon UFO Report reveals the secrets of the universe. And written under my Pen Name, Muir Taylor, my books Surviving the Deep State and You Must Have Silver round out your needed protection for the coming year. As Warren Buffet says, you don’t need to understand 1,000 variables in economics – just six or seven will do it and will make you successful. My book covers those parameters.

It’s highly unusual that all the members of the Warren Commission were Freemasons except Representative Hale Boggs. He said in 1971 and 1972 that the Warren Commission report was false and that J. Edgar Hoover not only helped to cover up the JFK murder but blackmailed Congress with massive wire-tapping and spying. Boggs vanished in an airplane flight between Anchorage and Juneau, Alaska. The airplane was never found. Three others on board vanished as well: the pilot, U.S. Congressman Nick Begich and Begich’s aide. The press, military, and the CIA publicly proclaimed the plane could not be located. Investigators later said that was a lie, that the plane had been found. All were killed.

Rep. Henry Gonzalez, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Assassination Committee said the following: ‘The assassination of President John F. Kennedy will never be investigated in a meaningful way because vast & powerful forces won’t stand for it.’ In short, don’t expect the major media to tell you anything.
This is what Col. L. Fletcher Prouty said about the conspirators: ‘They are a power unto themselves for whom these others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past.’
This is Gerald Eastwood. We are living in a momentous time in history. Danger lies all about us. As the SEALS say, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

Goodnight and Godspeed.

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