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This is Gerald Eastwood and many sections of my book have been vindicated with the La Palma quake swarm and volcanic eruptions, which may be end of the world events at the very least. This is all happening as we speak in Spain’s Canary Islands. The Cumbre Vieja volcano has finally erupted.

I have been monitoring the La Palma quake swarm in the Canary Islands closely for some time. It's time for an update with some analysis. Millions of Europeans, and those on the coast of Africa, are at risk. So is the East Coast of the United States.

UFOs have been observed entering and exiting volcanic zones for many years. In fact, my book, Beyond the Pentagon UFO Report by Gerald Eastwood, available on Amazon, has a special section devoted to end of the world scenarios and strategic planning. Well, not necessarily total end of the world, but there are some that are so catastrophic that I have reviewed, that they come very close. My book covers it all.

The threat of an Atlantic-wide tsunami remains. The triggering of flank instability on steep volcanoes such as La Palma generally requires additional destabilizing influences such as pressurization of trapped groundwater, which exists there right now. These events often accompany a volcano's eruptive phases. This line of reasoning leads us to believe that a future eruption near the summit of the Cumbre Vieja will likely trigger a flank failure.

As the friction forces caused by the volcano are stressed, the mountain will begin to move towards the sea. 500 cubic kilometers of rocks can then slide into the sea. A huge lateral series of waves, hundreds of meters high, would be set in motion. You’re looking at 8 hours after this event before the waves reached the coasts of America. Areas at risk include cities like Boston, New York and Miami.

The first indication the tsunami was about to arrive would be a spellbinding withdrawal of the water from the coast. Minutes later, the tsunami would arrive. It would be the biggest natural catastrophe in history. We’ve never experienced it, but it can happen. It’s a routine geologic event if you look back in time. Next to the UFO phenomenon, this event could well be the biggest story ever.

This is Gerald Eastwood, and it’s all in my book. What is happening now and what will happen. Go to your nearest laptop, lookup Amazon books, and find my book – check it out for yourself – Beyond the Pentagon UFO Report. As I’ve said, my book contains the secrets of the Universe, and a plan of survival for you. I’m going to let this be a brief Podcast, so you can buy my book, and prepare. If you live anywhere on the Atlantic coast, you may be at immediate risk.

Good day and Godspeed.

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