Reflections On The 2021 Phillies Season (PST Show #431)


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What we're throwing down on the Table this week is an in-depth discussion and interview with Liz Roscher from Yahoo Sports and the Continued Success podcast reflecting upon the 2021 Phillies season. We only saw a couple gems this season in Bryce Harper and Zack Wheeler. Why are we continuing to see mediocrity year after year? We got into it with Liz!
But first, we discussed wether the Eagles offensive line is seeing any development, as well as how truly bad the Eagles defense is. Plus, we gave our scoring predictions for this coming week's Eagles vs. Panthers game. (approx. 6:20)
We then dove into the Urban Meyer scandal and controversy as it pertains to him as a person, and how he doesn't appear to grasp the differences between college football and pro football. (approx. 24:20)
Once again, our Sixers talk this week focused on Ben Simmons and what we're seeing on the court early in this preseason without his presence. Struggles and challenges are on the horizon. (approx. 35:30)
We then talked about what we're looking forward to during the MLB postseason as the Phillies season is now over. (approx. 45:55)
This week's interview, and what we threw down on the Table was a fantastic discussion with Liz Roscher from Yahoo Sports as there was much reflection on the Phillies season. Can Harper and Wheeler replicate what they did on the field this year into next season? How can the Phillies begin to reshape development in the farm system? How big of a problem was Joe Girardi when we look at the Phillies performance as a whole? All of this and much more during our discussion with Liz! (approx. 53:00)
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