The Daily Dribble #9 - Boston Inches Closer To Glory, Eggs "Benedict" | Adelaide Acquire AcesCeltics


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We are well and truly into the thick of the NBA Finals now, and despite that, we’re not that much closer to knowing who will be crowned champion?!

As things currently stand, the Celtics lead 2-1, with game 4 set to tip-off shortly after the release of this episode... In this show installment, we discuss everything that transpired across games 2 & 3, including the Finals MVP pick and what the Warriors need to do to get this series back in their favor.

The NBA draft is rapidly approaching (June 23rd), so we once again tackled “Draft Deep Dive” and imparted some of our scouting reports on some future league stars, once again including some very funny names.

The team also made sure to recap all the latest news from both the NBA and NBL. Including Jazz coach Quin Snyder stepping down, and the Adelaide 36ers building a potential title-winning team.

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