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Today it’s great to have Tim Grover on the podcast. Tim is the CEO of Attack Athletics Inc. which he founded in 1989 and author of the international bestseller Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable. World renowned for his work with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and thousands of athletes and business professionals. He appears around the world as a keynote speaker and consultant to business leaders, athletes, and lead achievers in every field. His latest book is called Winning: The Unforgivable Race to Greatness.


[00:01:58] Tim’s childhood and upbringing

[00:09:08] Choosing to become a professional trainer

[00:11:50] From "fat kid" to competitive basketball player

[00:16:26] "The most successful are the most coachable"

[00:19:30] Victim Mentality vs. Victory Mentality

[00:22:51] The early days of Tim’s career

[00:25:46] Meeting and working with Michael Jordan

[00:30:55] Michael Jordan’s feedback about Tim

[00:33:54] Being a part of the Chicago Bulls Dynasty

[00:41:50] Meeting Kobe Bryant

[00:45:42] The phone call just before Kobe’s passing

[00:50:39] "The unforgiveable race to winning"

[00:54:48] The difference between competing and winning

[00:56:40] The importance of grit for winning

[01:01:36] How uplifting others is the ultimate win

[01:05:11] Creating personal definitions of winning

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