A career in public health is a labour of love, with Tahani Waqar, Researcher & Resident at Aga Khan University Hospital


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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Tahani Waqar, a physician and community health researcher at Aga Khan University Hospital in Pakistan. They discuss what public health or community medicine is like in Pakistan and how Tahani’s love and passion for public health came to be.

You’ll Learn

  • Tahani’s journey from clinical medicine to community health and research work
  • What projects and research work Tahani has done and what areas of community health she is interested in
  • What a day in the life of Tahani’s school and work is like
  • How the community medicine residency program is structured at Aga Khan University
  • The biggest challenges that Tahani has faced in her professional journey so far and how she has overcome them
  • Advice from Tahani for others interested in public health and early career public health professionals
  • What the public health system in Pakistan is like and what unique challenges it brings to public health professionals working in Pakistan

Today’s Guest

My name is Tahani. I hold a bachelor's degree in medicine (MBBS), graduated in 2017. I am currently enrolled in the community medicine residency program, a synonym for public health in Pakistan, in one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan, Aga Khan University Hospital. My first work experience in public health was in the National Committee of Maternal and Child Health. I am extensively trained in providing Family Planning Contraceptive Methods. Since then I have been very much interested in the Sexual and Reproductive Health and improving S&R health status in Pakistan.


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