A Day in the Life of a Community Health Nurse and MBA student, Brandon Kober


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On this week’s episode, Sujani speaks with Brandon Kober, a community health nurse, who is currently pursuing his MBA. Brandon explains the role of a harm reduction nurse and discusses his own personal journey of discovering his career interests and how he got to where he is today.

You’ll Learn

  • What working in the area of harm reduction may entail and the challenges and rewards of working in this field
  • What the everyday responsibilities and activities of a harm reduction nurse may entail
    • What skills are necessary for this field of work.
    • What skills can be gained from this field of work.
  • Advice that Brandon has for others interested in working in this area and/or in a similar capacity
  • The benefits of pursuing an MBA in addition to healthcare training
    • What skills can be learned from this area of study
    • What opportunities can open up from this combination
  • How nurses and people working in public health can learn from the business world and vice versa

Today’s Guest

Brandon Kober is a Registered Nurse with a passion for public and community health, particularly in the burgeoning field of harm reduction. He has worked at supervised consumption facilities in Toronto and Hamilton, having managed the latter site through the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This experience led him to pursue an MBA at the DeGroote School of Business to diversify his skills and allow him to take on greater levels of responsibility. He is currently working as an independent healthcare consultant, is the Board Chair of a peer-led social service non-profit, and is looking to summer 2022 for meaningful employment opportunities that help people most in need.


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