Applying to and choosing between 5 MPH/MSPH program offers as a first-generation student, with Denise Chow


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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Denise Chow, a 1st year MPH student studying at the Yale School of Public Health. Denise was accepted into all five MSPH/MPH programs she applied to and in this episode, she speaks about her application process and gives some great advice for others considering pursuing a graduate degree.

You’ll Learn

  • How Denise came upon the field of public health and experiences led to her knowing it was the right field for her
  • What influenced Denise’s decision in pursuing an MPH vs. an MSPH and why she decided to enter the graduate degree right after completing her undergrad
  • What considerations prospective students should make when deciding which schools and programs to apply to
  • Denise’s decision making process and how she ultimately made the choice to study at Yale amongst the other schools she was accepted into
  • Tips from Denise on how to strengthen applications for graduate school
  • How having a solid support network is important through your education and career path, especially as a first generation student with unique barriers during the application process
    • How to go about building this support network
  • Advice from Denise for others who may be considering higher education

Today’s Guest

Denise Chow is a 1st-year MPH student at the Yale School of Public Health. She recently graduated from University of California, Berkeley, studying Public Health and Education. Her research interests include mental health and well-being, qualitative and community-based participatory research, social and interpersonal relationships, and early childhood development among children, refugees, and displaced populations.


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