Don’t sell yourself short - you got this! A pep talk with Micaela, Tara, and Sujani


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In this episode, Sujani is joined by Tara and Micaela to give a pep talk for all those who might be experiencing a slump in their education or career. They discuss how to overcome self doubt and the benefits of celebrating yourself.

You’ll Learn

  • How every skill or experience can be valuable in a field as diverse as public health
  • Tips on how to change your mindset to counter self doubt so you don’t sell yourself short
  • Micaela and Tara’s personal experiences with imposter syndrome and how they have been able to deal with it
  • How celebrating small wins and believing in yourself is important both personally and for the community and your peers
  • Why you should apply for jobs even if you may not meet 100% of the requirements
  • The role that self reflection plays in overcoming self doubt and taking the next step forward
  • The importance of building a support network who are invested in you and want to see you thrive
  • How career coaching can be useful for any public health profession


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