Pursuing an MSW/MPH dual degree at Columbia University, with Tieisha Walters


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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Tieisha Walters to discuss her experience with the Master of Public Health / Master of Science in Social Work program from Columbia University. They chat about what the dual degree is like and what doors it has opened for Tieisha.

You’ll Learn

  • How Tieishia found her way into the public health field
  • What motivated Tieisha to pursue the dual MSSW/MPH
  • Tieisha’s experience with the MSSW/MPH program and what she would have done differently
  • What Colombia’s dual MSSW/MPH program is like including:
    • How courses are structured
    • What practicum opportunities may be available
    • How social work and public health learning was integrated throughout the program
    • Main advantages of doing a dual degree
  • Advice from Tieisha for others who might be considering an MPH/MSW degree
  • Tieisha’s experiences working around the world and how her knowledge in both social work and public health has benefited her
  • Tips from Tieisha on searching for jobs with a dual degree

Today’s Guest

Tieisha Walters received a Master of Public Health and a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in 2017. After graduating from Columbia, Ms. Walters served one year as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Zambia. During her time in Zambia, Ms. Walters focused on reducing the prevalence of maternal and neonatal deaths. Upon returning to the U.S., Ms. Walters worked as a Resource Coordinator teaching sexuality education to high school students. However, when covid-19 was declared a pandemic, Ms. Walters decided to utilize both her MPH and MSW skills to assist her city (NYC) in combating this virus. Ms. Walters worked as both a Contact Tracer for NYC Health + Hospital and as a Public Health Analyst contractor for CDC. Presently, Ms. Walters is working as a Licensed Social Worker/ Community Partnership Manager for the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County. Ms. Walters believes that her purpose on earth is to be in public service and to help improve the lives of others, one individual at a time.


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