Quick career tips: Tap into your network - Strategies to gain public health work experience (Part 3)


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This three-part career tips series is inspired by a blog post written and published in 2019 by Sujani titled: 3 strategies to build up your public health work experience, tested and proven by me.

Today’s career tip spotlight is the third of these three strategies: tap into your network!

Prior to starting PH SPOT, a common question that Sujani would receive from students and new grads she was mentoring was related to gaining work experience early in their careers. This question has remained one of the most popular questions even amongst the PH SPOT community.

In this episode, Sujani talks through the third strategy she used in order to gain public health experience. These experiences became the foundation of her public health career.

You’ll learn:

  • Reaching out to individuals in your network for an introduction to prospective employers is a great strategy to begin a job search.
  • It’s only appropriate to reach out to individuals within your network with whom you already have a previous relationship with - not a LinkedIn connection you just added.
  • Don’t hesitate to leverage your network for job searches. (It can be awkward at first.)
  • Building your network early on goes a long way when you really need help and support. (Listen to this episode for more on this: Episode #33: Quick Career Tips: Invest In Your Professional Relationships.)


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