Redefining Rest for Public Health Professionals, with Marissa McKool


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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Marissa McKool, the founder and creator of McKool Coaching and the Redefining Rest Podcast for Public Health Professionals. They discuss burnout in public health professionals and how life coaching can be helpful in working through burnout.

You’ll Learn

  • Marissa’s journey from working directly in public health to life coaching
  • Why Marissa decided to start McKool Coaching and the Redefining Rest Podcast for Public Health Professionals
  • What burnout is and why it is such a big issue among public health professionals
  • How changing your mindset is the first step in working through burnout and other adversities
  • Actionable tips on how to start working through burnout and getting more rest
  • How important it is for public health professionals to branch out and continue innovating through different fields

Today’s Guest

Marissa McKool, MPH, is a former public health leader turned career and life coach who helps public health professionals eliminate their burnout without quitting their job. Marissa received her MPH from Emory University and held several leadership roles in government and academia working on sexual violence prevention and reproductive health, before finding herself burning out. Through coaching, she was able to eliminate her stress without anything outside of her changing and now helps others do the same. She is also the host of the Redefining Rest Podcast for Public Health Professionals, where she helps listeners reduce their workload, create more time, get more rest, and feel better.


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