Show #510 - Stilez Robertson, Wil Hahn, Marshall Weltin, Ryan Gauld, Ricki Gilmour with Kris Keefer In-Studio


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Stilez Robertson had his best showing in the pro ranks yet at Red Bud and he could not be happier to see success as opposed to the multiple set backs he's seen since turning pro. Stilez comes on to talk about new goals following a great Red Bud. Wil Hahn of TLD is on to discuss the knockdown dragout battle he and Matthes engage in week to week. They also touch on a rough Red Bud for the team's riders. Ricki Gilmour is a legend of suspension in the industry and the current go to guy for the Star Racing Yamaha team; he's on to answer all our questions to reach the ultimate goal of perfect suspension. Marshal Weltin continues to be a feel good story of the racing year and he comes on to talk about his Red Bud as well. Keefer is in for his 100th appearance so lets celebrate y'all!!

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