All Tech is Human Series #7 - The Business Case for AI Ethics with William Griffin and Alayna Kennedy


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What is the business case for AI Ethics?

This conversation explores the topic with invited panelists William Griffin and Alayna Kennedy.

Willam Griffin is the Chief Ethics Officer of Hypergiant, an organization that works with partners to create powerful technology solutions and smarter, more efficient human workforces.

Alayna Kennedy is a data scientist at IBM, working on creating ethical algorithms and aligning human and machine values.

This conversation is moderated by All Tech Is Human's David Ryan Polgar. The organizational partner for the event is TheBridge.

The conversation does not stop here! For each of the episodes in our series with All Tech is Human, you can find a detailed “continue the conversation” page on our website For each episode we will include all of the action items we just debriefed as well as annotated resources that were mentioned by the guest speakers during the livestream, ways to get involved, relevant podcast episodes, books, and other publications.

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