Casteist Technology and Digital Brahminism with Thenmozhi Soundararajan and Seema Hari


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What is Casteist Technology and Digital Brahmanism and how can we best engage to enact change?

Join 2021 Radical AI Intern Nikhil Dharmaraj as he interviews Thenmozhi Soundararajan and Seema Hari about technology, casteism, and surveillance.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a Dalit rights artist, technologist, and theorist. Currently, Thenmozhi is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Equality Labs, a Dalit Civil Rights organization that uses community research, cultural and political organizing, popular education and digital security to build power to end caste apartheid, white supremacy, gender-based violence, and religious intolerance.

Seema Hari is an engineer and an anti-caste and anti-colorism activist.

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