Finding Markets with Runway - Spotlight on Florida Build To Rent


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Complicated as it may seem, there’s a simple formula for success in real estate investing …Find the right product in the right market at the right time. When it comes to markets, Florida is SO hot right now … And we’re not talking about the weather. Between population growth, a healthy job market, high rental demand, quality of life, and landlord-friendly policies … There's a lot for investors to like about the sunshine state right now. And when it comes to products, it’s tough to beat affordable, tenant-focused, low maintenance build-to-rent real estate. In this edifying episode we talk with a builder and property manager who specializes in all of the above! Tune in for an update from Chris Funk on what’s happening now in Florida and build-to-rent … And to discover insightful tips for finding, vetting, and staying current on a market.

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