EP 559: Make the Fun Part your Job with Fred Bohm


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Fred Bohm was working at his desk one day and just decided. If I’m gonna work this hard it mind as well be on my own thing. Fast forward and I think Fred has a pretty awesome gig and at least appears to be pretty happy.
This week we talk with Fred Bohm who not only built a great little brand and company but most importantly he designed his life to optimize his passion.
Fred doesn’t have to be famous and have a Youtube channel, he gets to go do his two favorite things, take pictures and spend time outdoors.

This is such a great podcast and I know it would have inspired the heck out of me when I was just starting out. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
About Fred, his Co. Sage & Breaker & Success – 03:22
Early Struggles, Customers & Your Service/Product – 11:10
Opportunity, Structuring Life & Business for Time – 21:40
Making Work Your Life, Not a Job – 30:18
Teaching Work Ethic & Life Balance – 37:02
Being In the Moment – 44:33
Fred’s Ideal Future & Contact Info – 49:26
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