Political Theater: Media Bizarrely Decides There was No “Raid” at Mar-a-Lago


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The Rich Zeoli Podcast- August 15th, 2022:

Last week, the F.B.I. raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump—but do Democrats really want him behind bars? Or are they simply hoping to coerce him to run in 2024 operating under the assumption he is a beatable candidate? Obviously, that line of thinking proved to be flawed in 2016. Despite texts documenting his vow to “stop” Trump from becoming president in 2016, former F.B.I. agent Peter Strzok had the audacity to defend the bureau’s integrity, as well as its Mar-a-Lago raid, while appearing on MSNBC on Monday. PLUS don’t miss Clarice Schillinger’s M.I.L.F. of the week, Joe Biden’s latest word salad (WARNING: someone let him back on his bike), stupid things said by stupid people, and Special Guest: retired CIA operations officer Sam Faddis discusses election integrity!

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