Biden Ignores Human Rights Violations in China


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3:05pm- On Sunday, Pennsylvania State Senator and Republican candidate for Governor conceded to Governor-elect Josh Shapiro. Shapiro won 56.3% of the total vote, while Mastriano won 41.9% of the total vote.

3:10pm- According to reports, Philadelphia is preparing for the arrival of dozens of undocumented migrants—city officials expect the migrants will be bused from Del Rio, Texas in the coming days.

3:35pm- On Monday, President Joe Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Bali, Indonesia ahead of a G20 intergovernmental summit to discuss global economics. While addressing members of the press following the meeting, Biden affirmed that America’s “One China Policy” has not changed and said, he believes, there is no “imminent” Chinese invasion of Taiwan. President Xi did not speak with any foreign journalists.

3:45pm- Rich hates his producers: Matt didn’t like “Yellowstone” and Daniel, despite earning a bartending license, does not know the difference between seltzer and hard seltzer.

4:05pm- With over 93% of the vote counted, Democrat Katie Hobbs leads Republican Kari Lake—50.5% of the total to 49.5%. But the election was nearly one-week ago, why is Arizona still counting? How has chaos become an acceptable routine every election cycle? To suggest there needs to be alterations in the way votes are tabulated is not synonymous with claims of election fraud despite what many Democrats claim. While on CNN, Ana Navarro claimed that Governor Ron DeSantis “gamed the system” in Florida—why isn’t she being accused of embracing election fraud?

4:35pm- Assuming projections are correct, and Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, will there be investigations into Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s business interactions with foreign corporations in China and Ukraine? Democrats are already condemning any Congressional investigation—aren’t they being inconsistent considering how frequently they investigated Donald Trump and his administration?

4:50pm- Will Kevin McCarthy be the next Speaker of the House? According to ABC’s John Karl, McCarthy is no longer a “lock” to win speakership. Meanwhile, Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) warned that Republicans may select former President Donald Trump to serve as Speaker of the House—pointing out that the speaker does not necessarily need to be a member of Congress.

5:00pm- Ryan Manion—Author of the book, “The Knock at the Door: Three Gold Star Families Bonded by Grief and Purpose”— joins The Rich Zeoli Show to discuss her work serving as President of the Travis Manion Foundation. Learn more about the Travis Manion Foundation at:

5:15pm- Following the financial collapse of FTX, a now bankrupt Bahamas-based cryptocurrency company, U.S. officials are expected to begin an investigation into potential criminal liability over how its investor capital was spent. According to The Wall Street Journal, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was the 2nd largest Democrat political donor after George Soros.

5:40pm- Justin Hart—Executive Consultant & Chief Data Analyst of—joins The Rich Zeoli Show to discuss his new book, “Gone Viral: How COVID Drove the World Insane.” During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Hart worked alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and health care policy experts at Stanford University's Hoover Institution attempting to develop data-driven decisions. In the book, Hart uses data to demonstrate how children were “irreversibly damaged” educationally via over-the-top lockdown policies that resulted in remote learning for prolonged periods of time.

6:05pm- In his opening remarks from Indonesia, following his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, President Joe Biden discussed cooperation to meet climate goals—despite China’s continued, rapid expansion of coal mines.

6:25pm- An internal Republican battle between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump seems to already be in high-gear. Will this rivalry fracture the political party?

6:40pm- Dakota Wood—Senior Research Fellow for Defense Programs at The Heritage Foundation—joins the show to discuss President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Wood explains that, despite the 3-hour meeting, Biden ignored topics like the origins of COVID-19, the enslavement of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of northwest China, and intellectual property theft. Meanwhile, President Xi reiterated that Taiwanese independence is a red line for Beijing. What will it take to deter China from seizing Taiwan?

6:55pm- Who Won Social Media? + Zeoli’s Final Thought

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