Kevin McCarthy Tells Mayorkas to Resign or Prepare to be Investigated


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The Rich Zeoli Show- Hour 3:

  • According to an report, the New Jersey State Assembly voted on a measure to limit concealed carry throughout the state.
  • While appearing on Tom Segura’s podcast, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said there are very few genuine movie stars today—arguing that moviegoers pay to see comic book characters and superheroes, not specific actors.
  • While speaking from the U.S. Southern Border in Texas, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said if Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas does not resign by the time Republicans take over the House of Representatives on January 3rd, he will be under investigation for border security failures.
  • On his HBO television show, Bill Maher said that the source of “rot” on the political left stems from woke academia. Why did Harvard and Yale withdraw from the U.S. News Law School Ranking System? The Wall Street Journal editorial board suggests that by rejecting ranking systems, the schools “may be adapting ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on the use of race in admissions” and that this could “serve as a cover for a desire by Yale to be free to admit students with lower test scores in service to diversity.”

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