Medical Censorship is Dangerous + "Trigender" Identity


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The Rich Zeoli Show- Hour 3:

  • Democrat Katie Hobbs has defeated Republican Kari Lake to become the next governor of Arizona. With 98% of the total vote reported, Hobbs leads Lake 50.4% to 49.6%.
  • On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy won the Republican Party’s internal vote to decide the next Speaker of the House—188 to 31. Emily Books of The Hill writes, “[t]he 31 votes opposing McCarthy easily” meets the threshold necessary to prevent McCarthy from seizing "the gavel when the full House meets to choose the Speaker early next year.”
  • The Daily Wire reports that despite overall disappointing results for Republicans in Tuesday’s midterm elections, conservatives did manage to flip several school boards across the country—including in blue states like New Jersey and Michigan.
  • While speaking with Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) at a Congressional hearing, Stanford Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya described medical censorship during the COVID-19 pandemic as a “disaster” and suggested that it may have led to people being killed during the pandemic.
  • A person on TikTok announced they were “trigender”—identifying as male, female, and neither all at the same time…

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